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  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Slither
  • Aliens
  • Frankenstein

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  • Galaxy Quest


  • The Limey


  • Battle for the Planet of the Apes


  • Conquest of the Planet of the Apes


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  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    I remember very vividly what it's like to feel broken. I don't think any other film has captured that feeling like this did.

    This is life after loss. There's no big climax, no happily ever after. Just people trying to figure things out and move on. That's all you can ask for when your dad drops dead without warning, like Joe did, like mine did.

    You pick up the pieces, and try to mend, and go forward. This isn't just a movie. This is life.

Recent reviews

  • Galaxy Quest

    Galaxy Quest


    Silly in all the right ways, smart in all the ways you think it won't be. Very funny, very good.

  • The Limey

    The Limey


    Soderbergh makes solid films. They're good, I admit it. I just don't vibe with them nearly as much as I want to.

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  • The Fly

    The Fly


    Film #20 of Hooptober Cinco

    "Am I becoming a hundred-and-eighty-five-pound fly? No, I'm becoming something that never existed before. I'm becoming... Brundlefly. Don't you think that's worth a Nobel Prize or two?"

    A disgusting achievement both in special effects and storytelling. What was once known as a cheesy 50's sci-fi creature flick is now a slow burn romantic tragedy with some truly gross body horror thrown in there (I noped the fuck out at the fingernail scene). Less actual Brundlefly than I expected, but that's not what the movie's about, and it's better for it.

  • The Birds

    The Birds


    Film #28 of Hooptober Cinco

    "I hardly think a few birds are going to bring about the end of the world."

    This is the tale of a big, catastrophic event - but it's not about the people who discover and defeat it. This is about ordinary people with their own lives getting trapped on the side. And it's chilling. Hitchcock uses sound effects and a lack of music to create scenes both shocking and eerie. When hell breaks loose, it's all the worse because of all the time we've spent with these people we'e come to care about.