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TIFF Canada's Top Ten 2021

“Not since its inaugural year in 2001 have there been so many first appearances among the feature-film selections. Some of these films made their world premieres during the Festival and are now debuting their works on the international festival circuit, which is remarkable for first-time directors — I couldn’t be prouder.” —Cameron Bailey, CEO, TIFF

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Drive My Car

Drive My Car


A brilliant 3 hours. The screenplay, a Haruki Murakami adaptation, is a masterpiece about grief and how we understand people. There's a great quiet lead performance from Hidetoshi Nishijima and support from Toko Miura and Masaki Okada. Hamaguchi's direction is incredible.

Drive My Car

Drive My Car


Poignant and quietly devastating. The 3 hour runtime goes by. It’s such a gentle story about grief and moving on, told in the most subdued and mundane way possible. No big moments, just watching people getting by. The final monologue from the play hits hard, and I can already sense its lingering power creeping up on me over time. A meditative healing journey for those who had suffered loss.

Art reflects life.
The way that the "Uncle Vanya" play inside the film parallels with the main character, giving us a snippet about grief, hate, life, and love to reflect in our everyday lives, told in a poetically distant but yet feels so close. What a moving film.

Extensive surprises, sardonic humor and a major revelation that arrives quietly but whose notice and meaning grows with every past minute. Drive My Car is simply a swift three-hour mediation that will continue to improve in my estimation upon successive rewatches.

There’s a select group of filmmakers whose work feels like therapy to me. They soothe me into a meditative state before slowly overwhelming me with an indescribable emotion that leaves me transformed by the end. Abbas Kiarostami. Tsai Ming-liang. Chantal Akerman. Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Ryusuke Hamaguchi.

This is one of those films. Marvelous work that I couldn't speak more highly about, yet also don't know if I'd ever be able to capture in words exactly the spell it held over me.…

TIFF 2021: #15 (Special Presentations)

Could not have asked for a better film to end TIFF this year with than this. It's easy to be intimidated by the running time of the films of Ryusuke Hamaguchi, but watching his films it's so easy to be swept away just by their craft. Nonetheless, it's impressive enough knowing how Hamaguchi can take a short story written by Haruki Murakami, expand it as far as he did, without ever betraying the essence of…

Esti que c’est beau. Magnifique travail de direction photo. Les champs de la ferme, les couchés de soleil, la pluie, le lighting contrasté woaaaaaah

beau film dans l’ensemble, on y explore plusieurs réalités, un peu de longueur par moment