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  • The Five Heartbeats
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  • Encounter


    I LOVED this film and it definitely was not what I thought it was going to be. It's a BUG meets FALLING DOWN road trip movie, yet it's also a very touching family drama as well.

    Riz Ahmed is GOLD as always.

    Also, if you think you hate ALL kids, I implore you to watch this film -- as
    Aditya Geddada will quickly win your hearts over with his adorable performance as Bobby.

  • Sundown


    SUNDOWN is a film that will surely leave others with their mouths agape for the entirety of its brisk runtime.

    Like TAKE THIS WALTZ, how you view this film lies heavily on your own moral code and how empathetic or apathetic you are towards people who do questionable things.

    Tim Roth gives a stellar performance as Neil, a sociopathic or numb man (again...depending on how you look at him) who is simply not ready to go home from vacation.

    Definitely don't feel like going to Alcapuco anytime soon...that's for sure.

Popular reviews

  • Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994


    Mostly painless, yet cringey and nonsensical "Scream-ish" slasher with a showboaty soundtrack (featuring tracks that weren't even out in 1994) to boot.

    I'm annoyed at myself for the fact that I know I will watch 1978 next week.

    *Also...that's a lot of trouble to go through to save a friend's ex...just sayin'.

  • Coming 2 America

    Coming 2 America


    While watching COMING 2 AMERICA, I much related to James Earl Jones' character in the film. I knew I was in a dying situation from the moment the opening credits started, yet I was still full of morbid curiosity to see what the rest of the film would hold. However, unlike James Earl Jones -- I was not able to "check out" after the first 15 minutes.

    COMING 2 AMERICA is fairly painless and not the worst sequel Murphy has…