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  • Talking with Ozu
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  • No Way Out

    No Way Out


    A hard hitting, if not a little simplistic, race relations drama. Sidney Poitier, in his film debut at age 22, plays Dr. Luther Brooks a newly minted emergency room physician and Richard Widmark plays Ray Biddle a venom spewing racist stick up man that is one of Brooks’ first patients. When Biddle’s brother / hold up accomplice dies under Brooks care during a spinal tap procedure the racial hatred in Biddle and his cronies moves from simmer to boil. Typical…

  • Nickelodeon



    It’s not so much that the black and white of the 2008 Director’s version (in an attempt to meet Peter Bogdanovich’s original wishes) adds to the period authenticity (as it arguably would in stone cold classics The Last Picture Show and Paper Moon) as it is that it somewhat dilutes the broadness of the slapstick heavy comedy. A mere sampling of the theatrically released color version reveals that this often manic ensemble piece (with Bogdanovich’s "stock company" of sorts) could…

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  • Season of the Sun

    Season of the Sun


    In the 1950s world wide post-war economic “miracles” and the democratization of consumerism and the leisure class lead to entrenching the “teenager” as an actual thing. Quickly following that, mainstream global film culture starting exploring themes relating to juvenile delinquency. While Hollywood released rather “reputable” JD material (the cheapo exploitation fare would come later) like The Wild One, Rebel Without a Cause and The Blackboard Jungle, other jurisdictions - like Japan with the “taiyozoku/sun tribe” films - had their own…

  • Azor



    As far as percolating ruling class comeuppances go this isn’t exactly an in your face provocation like Michel Franco’s New Order - it’s more like a feature length version of the Cuba section of The Godfather Part II with Michael Corleone silently and attentively taking notice of the political winds of change. Here it’s a Swiss banker (Fabrizio Rongione) making like a Nick Carraway styled audience surrogate watching the Gatsbys and the Buchanans luxuriate against a backdrop of creeping decay and burgeoning rebellion. A fascinating mood piece of sorts, and an exercise in slowly escalating dread without a conventional sense of incident, let alone catharsis.

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  • The Incident

    The Incident


    This post Kitty Genovese murder (1964) and pre-Bernie Goetz vigilantism (1984) take on NYC urban dread and bystander indifference is a rather stark and mean affair. The black and white, low-budget, gritty location shot elements of it all is suggestive of NY set 60s films like Blast of Silence, Something Wild, The Young Savages (all 1961), The Pawnbroker (1964), or even the British made subway car set Dutchman from the same year. One on-line commentator suggested the film is strange…

  • Corvette Summer

    Corvette Summer

    How big a Star Wars fan was I at ten years old? Let’s just say I bought the novelization of Corvette Summer.