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  • The Big Sleep
  • The Lost Boys
  • Young Frankenstein
  • The Manchurian Candidate

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  • Superargo and the Faceless Giants

  • Dancin' - It's On!

  • Grim Prairie Tales

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon


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  • Eyes Without a Face

    Eyes Without a Face

    Hooptober 4.0: 3/6 countries

    Think there wasn’t any effective body horror in Ye Olde Movies? Think again.

    A mad scientist stealing body parts to rebuild their injured loved one is a concept B movies have been playing with forever (MST3K fans will recall The Brain that Wouldn’t Die), but rarely has it been quite so creepy as in Eyes Without a Face. We hardly even see the injured heroine’s facial scars, though we get a glimpse through some blurry camera…

  • Mr. Vampire

    Mr. Vampire

    Hooptober 4.0: 2/6 countries, 4/6 decades

    "This is like if your first exposure to American horror was Army of Darkness"- my husband

    Mr. Vampire is a very special kind of movie. There's brutal slapstick, there's intense sfx makeup, there are stunts that were pulled off either with impressive editing or Olympic-level gymnasts. And of course, there are vampires. We can't forget the vampires.

    I consider myself a vampire buff, but I know next to nothing about "hopping vampires". I wonder…