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Favourites are the last 4 films I gave a 5 star rating to.

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  • The Matrix Resurrections
  • Promising Young Woman
  • Clouds of Sils Maria
  • Phantom Thread

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  • Long Shot


  • Atomic Blonde


  • Night of the Living Dicks


  • Bonnie and Clyde


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  • Lovesong



    This was one of those movies where I thought from the description on Netflix that I know this one, I know how it goes, and I'm not sure it'll give me anything new. Fortunately I glanced at these reviews, and I thought it fitted into a couple of challenges I'm doing, so I gave it a shot.

    Sure, the film didn't surprise me when it comes to the plot, but Lovesong is one of those films where the journey matters…

  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    What do you think Halley's childhood was like? What do you think Moonee's life will be like?

    It's not that I don't believe someone could make their life what they want it to be even though their childhood was poor and upbringing a bit on the freeform side. It's that no-one should have to be a superhero, or a future subject of a Hollywood blockbuster to be able to have a good life. Everyone should have an equal chance at…

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  • Blue Steel

    Blue Steel


    The story is not that special, neither is the execution when it comes to cinematography or the way the movie perhaps is trying to say something meaningful about its subject. I found myself completely disinterested in the relationships between the characters, or the depiction of crime and the police. However I am endlessly fascinated by the way Bigelow depicts gender in her films.

    There have been many times where there is an excess of masculinity, mellowed by emotions and/or some…

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    Fun, but has the same problems as so many Marvel movies: way too long fight sequences, too much cgi, not much originality. The characters were kind of sweet, the little we got to know of them. The best part of this movie is definitely that now more people in the world know the power of the mighty Tony Leung.

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  • Baby Jane

    Baby Jane


    I didn't quite know what to expect, since I only had a vague recollection of the source material, Sofi Oksanen's novel by the same name. I remember the novel being well written and I was completely hooked on it at the time, but the story having some elements that troubled me deeply. I couldn't quite put my finger on why it troubled me at the time. Watching the film it was pretty clear what was wrong.

    Before going into that…

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    Really, you should have known better. To go and see a film in which one of the main themes is a mother-daughter relationship, the most relatable you've seen, when your mother has already passed? Really? In a cinema you gave your all to, for years, and which has now been renovated in a way you don't really approve of? Really?

    That it wouldn't lead to you getting drunk with your ex-colleagues (family members) and crying your eyes out? Really?

    I hereby declare you disqualified from writing a review of Lady Bird tonight.

    52 Films by Women (2018): 17/52