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  • Rosemary's Baby
  • Peeping Tom
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Whiplash

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  • Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

  • Resurrection


  • Am I Ok?


  • Speak No Evil


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  • Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

    Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

    "You might be surprised."
    "I'm very rarely surprised. I plan things specifically to avoid being surprised, if I'm honest."

    "My grandmother used to say the word 'saucy'."
    "I'd rather not think about your grandmother right now, if it's all right with you."

  • Resurrection


    "It's gonna be a happy ending for you."

    "A million deaths would be worth the eighteen years I spent with you."

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  • Dual



    "I really value our friendship. I'll miss that when you die. Speaking of which, any updates?"

  • Cha Cha Real Smooth

    Cha Cha Real Smooth


    "I'm a dumb kid."
    "It's okay. I know."

    Ashamed at how hard I laughed at Andrew's jealous Instagram scrolling of his ex's new boyfriend followed by the half hearted pushup montage. Good start and great last half-hour, but drags in the middle and ultimately was a little too cutesy, schematic, and well...Sundance for my tastes overall. Wasn't expecting Cooper Raiff to be such a likeable and watchable protagonist.