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  • The First Great Train Robbery

    The First Great Train Robbery

    Victorian caper runs smoothly on a textbook heist structure, with well-shot, exciting suspense and thrills. The only real problem is the absence of any wit, which makes the talking scenes a bit of a drag. Needed a Peter Stone to punch it up. But you couldn't ask for a better lead than Connery, and Sutherland looks period perfect.

  • Neptune's Daughter

    Neptune's Daughter

    I admit the editing of the getting-on-the-horse slapstick is poor. But everything else about this film is wonderful. The leads are delightful, the plot sprightly.

    Dorothy Kingsley wrote this, Seven Brides, Kiss Me, Kate, Angels in the Outfield... I mean, that's a pretty enviable résumé! Notice how there's always something for the characters to do? Like Ricardo Montalban trying to get his finger unstuck from that glass flask. It seems a little thing, but it makes a big difference.


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  • Calamity Jane

    Calamity Jane


    Doris Day's performance is phenomenal -- its fullness, its totality; the voice, the pipes, and most of all the physicality -- the way she swings round the stagecoach, throws herself back, leaps onto the bar -- and does the old soft shoe to boot. And when an emotional close-up is called for you can bet your buckskin she delivers. Doris Day could do anything.

  • Night Passage

    Night Passage

    So many characters for a 90min movie! Stick with it; eventually, it all starts to make sense. Railroad robbery! Apple pie! James Stewart on the accordion! (Proving that people loudly playing their music in train carriages is by no means a modern phenomenon.) And its gold-soaked Technirama photography looks great. What's Technirama? you say...

    TECHNIRAMA is Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation's contribution to the ever-widening search for the ideal large-screen system of motion picture photography and exhibition. In the photographic process…