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In the late 1990s, an adrenalized wave of South Korean genre cinema exploded onto western screens. This manhunt procedural from Lee Myung-se was among the most stylistically inventive, an eye-popping thriller that marries film noir to Hong Kong action for a woozy fever dream of unadulterated pulp.

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A dazzling animated spectacular and J-Pop musical of extraordinary ambition and imagination.

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Bathed in blues and yellows—the colors of Maltese fishing boats—Alex Camilleri’s searingly authentic debut on a vanishing trade embraces a cast of nonactors and real-life fishermen. Travailing the riptides of globalization, this neorealist drama is a moving ode to the resilience of the human spirit.

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In a mercurial performance of cyclonic exasperation, Patrick Dewaere barrels through the wintry suburbs of Paris as a self-made patsy in a murderous muddle. A desolately funny, Dostoyevskian thriller from Alain Corneau, Série noire plots a fatalistic course into the depths of crime and punishment.

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An enchanting love story suffused with magic, this amiably ambling fable is fit-to-burst with hope and wonder. Alexandre Koberidze’s generous ode to romance wanders the sun-dappled streets of Georgia’s ancient Kutaisi with open arms, inviting its inhabitants—and their mysteries—into a warm embrace.

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Fortunate to see the new 4k restoration on the big screen at the Aero Theater presented by Beyond Fest with special guest Udo Kier! Amazing night and a great revisit of one of my faves.

The Severin Blu-ray & UHD release is great.

Special Features:
- Trans-Human Flesh And Blood: Interview With Director Paul Morrissey
Rubinia’s Homecoming: Interview & Location Visit With Actress Stefania Casini
- Blood For Udo: Interview With Actor Udo Kier
- Little Big Joe: Interview With Actor Joe…

The Crazies

The Crazies


Romero is so good at digging into cracks and splinters at a societal level that aspects of this ring true having (so far) lived through an actual pandemic and watched as a government that focuses so much of its energy and resources on plunder and destruction awkwardly try to shift gears to respond to domestic threats and come up against a selfish, well armed, populace. Okay so maybe in real life armed troops in hazmat suits didn't raid small towns,…

Still having fun with the Last Drive-In and this is absolutely a bonkers Italian 5 star movie. It’s just nonstop ridiculousness and crazy over the top gore. It doesn’t make any sense and it peaks with a helicopter crashing into a theater so it’s just truly great. I couldn’t even begin to guess the number of times I’ve watched this.

Produced by our lord and savior Dario Argento, directed by Bava Jr, written by Dardano Sacchetti, starring a cast of…