Amanda Mazzillo

Amanda Mazzillo


Dramatic Writing grad student at SCAD & writer at Film Inquiry
Lover of comedy and #horror

Favorite films

  • Broadcast News
  • A Face in the Crowd
  • Evil Dead II
  • The Palm Beach Story

Recent activity

  • Mandibles


  • Slumber Party Massacre III

  • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

  • There's Someone Inside Your House

Recent reviews

  • Hawkeye



    I'm always up for a nice found family story. Pair it with nice action, purple, and glowy Christmas lights and I feel all warm and snuggly.

    This series did a wonderful job of making me care more about Hawkeye through blending the emotion and the action perfectly. I never felt like an episode focused too much on one aspect. Hailee Steinfeld plays Kate wonderfully and I hope we see much more of the character within the MCU/TV realm.

    There was always a nice mixture of character introspection-- the partnership dynamics feel natural as they develop--with more story and action-driven moments that were creative and well-choreographed.

  • Spider-Man



    I remember seeing this in the theater and my mom getting me a Spider-Man shirt. Wish I still had that somewhere. 💖 It’s nice when films I loved when I was younger live up to my memories, offering that burst of nostalgia along with new insights.

Popular reviews

  • Rushmore



    I think this might be my favorite Wes Anderson film. I think it has the best blend of style and substance of all his films. I love the story, characters, style, etc of this film. This is what got me to love Jason Schwartzman and I am so glad I saw this how ever many years ago it was when I saw it for the first time. I've seen it many times since and I come away loving it more…

  • Kung Fury

    Kung Fury

    A cinematic masterpiece and the quickest thirty minutes of my life. I wanted more!