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  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon


    Reevaluated for: Stanley Kubrick – Ranked

    How do I even express my admiration for this film? Where do I begin? On this second viewing, one of many more I'm sure, I noticed more than the first time around. Most importantly, I now fully realised (and I have no idea how I missed so much of it the first time around) how much humour is infused in the story. The whole order of nobility is essentially ridiculed in Barry Lyndon. Both…

  • Cold Case Hammarskjöld

    Cold Case Hammarskjöld


    Mads Brügger drags you so far down this absolutely insane rabbit hole of grotesque cover-ups, ridicilous "maybes", and jaw-dropping statements that you're left gasping for air all the way through the last act. I went in knowing absolutely nothing and came out potentially knowing so fucking much, but that's also what's "wrong" with Brüggers latest film, the "potentially". In a case as complex and secrative as this one, finding clear and definitive answers can be impossible, and with a lot…

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  • Beware of Children

    Beware of Children


    Haugerud is going for too much at once. Politics, guilt, relationships, punishment, workplace drama, gay couples, the nature of children, the film wants to include it all in one go, but in the process becomes a wide variety of mediocre scenes held together by a (after a while) largely irrelevant manslaughter between two kids. The politics are at times heavy handed, the relationships aren't too compelling and the manslaughter case never feels very exciting, emotional or even important. It's not…

  • Dune



    Added to: Denis Villeneuve - Ranked

    Hard to rate what is essentially a two hour prologue much higher than this... The talk of Dune being impossible to put on screen does make sense when even a 150 minute introduction somehow feels like it should have been twice as long. I just want more:(