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  • A New Leaf

    A New Leaf


    “Excuse me, you're not by any chance related to the Boston Hitlers?”

    What a picture! A screwball farce that so morbid and crude that it circles back into being regal.

    Walter Matthau is delightfully disgusting as an over-the-hill trust fund shit-heel whose trying to marry/murder a nerdy heiress (Elaine May) and get some new money. Matthau never needs softens his edge, if anything he pushes himself to such absurdity that one can’t help but laugh at his cheeky madness—like whenever…

  • Minari




    First of all, while the entire cast is absolutely fantastic, but is it safe to say now that Steven Yeun is, in fact, a star? Because he looks like a friggin’ star in this film. He has that earnest quality of a Jimmy Stewart but with the nervous, smoldering intensity of an early Al Pacino that just left me in awe.

    This is such a lovely, heart wrenching, and unpretentious drama. It is almost uncool to even refer it…

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  • One Child Nation

    One Child Nation


    Fearless is an overused and misused word in criticism, a cheap label for films and filmmakers that are simply transgressive and occasionally stylish. Like, is it really fearless of Tarantino to make another postmodern, ultra-violent genre flick? No. Fun, but no.

    The word should be reserved for filmmakers like Nanfu Wang, who puts a political target on her head, and lays bare an entire history of family tragedy, which results in one of the most heartbreaking, personal, and vital pieces of cinematic journalism of the year.

  • Billie


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "Is there any perversity in this?"

    This is a painful one to rate.
    Billie Holiday one of the most fascinating and tragic icons of American music, let alone jazz. As the film portrays, she is a singer who was trapped in a cycle of exploitation and abuse that fueled her ability as a performer, leading to a tragically early death. If nothing else the filmmakers provide a gripping narrative; yet in an attempt to shake the music doc formula up, it…