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  • The Phantom Carriage
  • Defending Your Life
  • The Green Knight
  • City Lights

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  • The Field Guide to Evil


  • Five Fingers of Death


  • The Ten Commandments


  • The Nowhere Inn


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  • Ernest Scared Stupid

    Ernest Scared Stupid


    This movie made me who I am.

  • Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters


    5 flesh-ripping, jugular-spurting, eye-piercing, shark-wrastlin’, maggot-eyed, wrist-munching, hair-pulling, ankle-biting, gun-toting, jeep-driving, doctor-executioner, grave-rising, skinny-dipping, blood-drooling, gut-spewing, window-smashing, island-stranded, wound-infested, clinic-burning, shack-barricaded, cheek-nibbling, napalm-throwing, Brooklyn Bridge-infested, shove-to-the-face, stark-raving-mad, fire-walk-with-me, bleak, nihilistic stars.

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  • Messiah of Evil

    Messiah of Evil


    It’s like the opening of Hell is happening on the fringes of this movie, never front and center, only the surrounding madness coming in like a high tide until there’s nothing left but to be taken under.

  • Possessor



    Look, I realize these things are preference and that I am aging out of contemporary sensibilities, but I think Brandon Cronenberg has a masterpiece in him if the more graphic tendencies were channeled more into tone or undertones of the script. But who am I to say, maybe the intensity of violence just isn’t for me. It feels like it detracts and distracts from an otherwise remarkable story and performances.