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  • La Région Centrale

    La Région Centrale


    cinema is a subset of mathematics. And like with other areas of mathematics, we can add to the model, change the model however we want. What started as an attempt to understand natural phenomena has evolved into an abstract art form that is removed from life itself. Snow is not studying space so much as he is creating new perceptions of space. 

    anthology you are too good to me

  • L'Amour fou

    L'Amour fou

    apparently the print I saw was the last time its ever being screened? it’s a weird feeling seeing something and knowing you have to let it go. I guess this film is pretty fitting in that regard. Like this shit is sad. Decay of a relationship, decay of cinema. Its almost too perfect. 

    I have been thinking a lot about this kinda theme I think I wanna create something with that idea. I feel like the moments when u have something but know its not going to last is even worse than when u lose it.

    Im half asleep idk what i just typed

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