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The 25 Best TV Shows of 2021

2021 like its predecessor saw a glut of long-form content being produced. As a result of having access to different streaming services, viewers were now exposed to long-form content produced throughout the world, and thus the creators of said content had to substantially raise the bar of crafting compelling stories in order to keep the audience engaged. It’s of course a given that with the advent of so many streaming services, the quality of web shows being produced is bound…

The 15 Best Netflix Original Movies of 2021

Let us be honest here- Netflix’s 2021 was like any other year. Other than a few overrated, chart-bursting favorites, there was only mediocre content spilled all over. From yakuza actioner Kate to the romantic comedy He’s All That, there was no dearth of cringe-fests either. While it might mean a greater number of web shows on the platform, that just means a new low for feature-length cinema.

The 20 Best Indian Movies of 2021

2021 was a terrific year at the movies, considering the standards that the new normal has set. It witnessed the intermittent opening of numerous festivals including Cannes in their offline form. Some of the biggest (and most delayed) blockbusters were restored to their original glory by the help of theatrical releases. While some of the most celebrated auteurs returned, the OTT and festival space ensured the rise of the newer entrants. Indian cinema’s mainstream glory was very much back this…

6 Films to Watch if you like The Lost Daughter on Netflix

It’s always fascinating to know the reasons why actors decide to go behind the camera for the first time. After all, the subject must have hit a very personal part of their being so as to take up the extraneous effort of mounting an entire story to the screen in a language that is mostly foreign to them. So, when Maggie Gyllenhall was asked why she decided to make The Lost Daughter (now streaming on Netflix), her answer assured me more than…

10 Films to Watch if You Like The Power of the Dog on Netflix

Watching Jane Campion’s newest feature on Netflix was a mystical experience. After so long has come a gift will give you something different each time you revisit it. ‘The Power of Dog’ is arguably the most compelling piece of cinema we have seen all year. It is set in 1925 in Montana’s domineering landscapes and revolves around two brothers, Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George (Jesse Plemmons). During a cattle passing and their stay at a local inn, the former falls…

All Spider-Man Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

Although the obviousness of the title of this article is very obvious, here’s a clarification: this is a ranking of all the feature-length Spider-Man movies. A Wikipedia article on Spider-Man movies shows that there are films on the wall-crawler, in addition to the ones mentioned in this list. But that’s not exactly true since they are either pilots to series or a composite of a couple of episodes that were released as a “film”. So, that doesn’t count. The ones…

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It is a rare occurrence to see an actress’ career create such a stir in a film industry that even before the title credits of the film, the audience is aware of its legacy. That Udanpirappe is Jyotika’s 50th film is exhibited in a logo and a pre-title montage and makes a strong case for the actor’s celebrated movie characters. Billed as her ‘second innings’, Udanpirappe is the second film released under the banner of 2D Entertainment, jointly made by…

Bright (2017), directed by David Ayer and featuring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, looked like a fresh and original entry in the fantasy genre that is filled with remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, and watered-down adaptations. But then the movie ended up being bad, which killed its chances of getting a sequel. And the fact that its writer, Max Landis, turned to be a sex offender motivated people to wipe any and every memory they had about the movie. So, when…

Everyone likes a good redemption story. A person fighting all the odds, getting over one’s hardships, internal battles, or indulgences – we can easily resonate with such a character arc. Raja Raja Chora’s protagonist goes through a similar journey with his indulgent, greedy and uncaring self. He rarely makes decisions based on logic or reasoning while showing a strong urge to be appreciated and liked. With his character at the center, the film achieves an ingenious balance between the comic elements and its emotional core.

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The Manor

The Manor


Written and directed by Axelle Carolyn, The Manor (2021), which marks its entry into Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse series, begins with Barbara Hershey as Judith, whose 70th birthday celebration with close friends and family turns from smiles to a sudden fixture that paralyzes her completely. She falls flat on the ground and the screen fades to white amidst the muffled concerns. (One can’t help but recollect Black Swan in a parallel universe, as Hershey played Natalie Portman’s mother there…

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It's an important film. Personal. Sacred. Lots of stuff. Spoke volume. Blah blah blah blah.

I have often wondered what artists feel when they are asked to do ‘that great thing’ they once did; over and over again? Do they sit up and take it as a challenge or do they just shift pieces of the bigger puzzle inside out and try to build something new? Generally speaking, we all know the answer to that question. If uniqueness was as unique as we all think it is, the ‘sequel’, ‘reboot’ and ‘franchise’ sub-culture would have…

Here is far more fun movie than most of the supposedly humorous MCU films.

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