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  • 12 Angry Men
  • La La Land
  • Vertigo
  • Game Night

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  • La La Land


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  • 21 Bridges


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  • The Fog

    The Fog


    Hooptober film #13

    So typical of the church to steal from those less fortunate, melt the riches back into the church (aka a gold cross), and then only seek forgiveness once there's actually backlash (aka leper pirate ghosts coming to kill).

  • Us



    This was super relatable for me because my mom also ruins our annual family trip to Santa Cruz with her alter ego

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  • The Lost Husband

    The Lost Husband

    This is so bland. Wow. A woman's husband DIES and she has to START OVER bc they were broke and yet this was so boring omg

    I see people saying they liked Leslie Bibb's performance but ??? Yuck, terrible. She was best when neutral bc the rest was just b a d 

    The story was ??? Very dumb.

    THE SCHOOL was aggravating lmfao this girl is getting bullied for having a LIMP as a result of the event that KILLED…

  • Swiped



    I'm gonna let the quotes do the talking:

    James: Their names are so precise. Like IP addresses
    Lance, with my signature phrase: do you booboo
    Grandpa: You're not becoming an anti-feminist now, James?
    James: Why are you in my room?
    Ashley: It's my home office now
    James: What are you working on?
    Ashley: Myself
    The entire part where James is asking his grandparents and their friends about their sex lives
    Grandpa: I don't want my…