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Crescendo House is a boutique distribution label with a new take on the film industry.

Theatrically-focused, by way of home-video - we aim to elevate and demystify unique…


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"Julian Radlmaier’s 2017 political comedy Self-Criticism Of A Bourgeois Dog centres on a middle-class canine and former filmmaker who recalls how he became four-legged after failing in love, picking apples and joining a revolution. The film premiered at Rotterdam, screened at the Berlinale and won best feature film debut at the German Film Critics Association Awards."

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Ode to the Goose

Ode to the Goose


"Ode To The Goose follows a man and a divorced woman who take a trip to Gunsan in South Korea where they stay at an inn run by a middle-aged man and his autistic daughter and the four become star-crossed lovers. The cast includes Park Haeil and Moon Sori."

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Most likely the greatest send off in cinematic history. Movies truly are magic, they can embody so much and it's easy to see that by watching any Ōbayashi movie, especially this. Movies can tell or re-tell any story, create any character, embody every emotion. All of that allows you to lose yourself in what you're seeing as they pass on a deeper understanding and purpose in life. Labyrinth of Cinema is a culmination of everything to love about movies presented…

cinema dreams

almost watched without subtitles just so I could absorb everything on screen

….guess I’m gonna have to just watch it again

What a way to end Nobuhiko Obayashi’s filmography. I’m literally speechless. Just go watch it (after you’ve watched all of his other films of course)!

I have now watched every film I could find by Obayashi (except for “The Making Of Dreams”, since I haven’t watched Dreams yet), and wow! What a great director. At the start of my binge I wanted to review all of his films, but as I watched through his filmography, I couldn’t find anything to…