Benjamin Luke Mitchell

Benjamin Luke Mitchell

a choice to live simply.
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Favorite films

  • Enter the Void
  • Baraka
  • The Wild Pear Tree
  • Silent Light

Recent activity

  • Michael Jackson's Thriller


  • Tell Me Who I Am


  • Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts


  • Death to 2021


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  • Captain Phillips

    Captain Phillips

    Africa bad, America good.

    A stereotypical, damaging view on Somalia with enough reverse strings and midi horn swells to leave you seasick. More shameless U.S. propaganda heaving through a submerged Hollywood lens. ‘Captain Phillips’ navigates to the very depths of choppy waters for those suffering the results of imperialism in the global south. The Somali's are portrayed as barbarous baddies whilst a destabilising power (co-responsible for ravaging the region and peoples livelihoods) is appointed the on screen victims and peacekeeping heroes ..Pass me the bucket.

  • Outliers


    Films such as ‘Outliers’ are why I am exploring unknown cinema around the world. Compelling visuals, a heartfelt statement and outrageously beautiful music by Urna Chahar-Tugchi (who I've now found on Spotify).

    "Living in a city is punishment for a nomad who moves freely across the land. Simply waiting at a stoplight is akin to being in a cage."