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  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Blade Runner
  • Charade
  • Star Wars

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  • Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction


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  • Dr. Who and the Daleks

    Dr. Who and the Daleks


    Re-watched, this time the Riff Trax version. After re-watching "The Daleks" - the original episode that introduced the series most famous villains - a few weeks later, I was struck by how much this movie was a straight, plot-point-for-plot-point adaptation of that original episode. Certainly, there were several superficial changes, most notably the character -- Ian and Barbara are both younger and quite different characters, Susan is much younger, and the Doctor is now just an eccentric scientist, not a…

  • Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction

    Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction


    The third Doctor Who outing is a brief, 2-part bottle episode, set entirely inside the Tardis. It's thin, and spends entirely too much time getting to the point. But it is an interesting reminder that the first Doctor wasn't just always a sweet old grandfather to his companions. He is quick to mistrust and turn on Ian and Barbara and threatens to throw them out of the Tardis. You can also see a hint (and only a hint) of the "science education" element that was supposed to be part of Doctor Who when it was first conceived (but later jettisoned in favor of pure storytelling).

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  • Dune



    A beautiful, majestic film. The acting is top notch all the way around, and the casting seems well matched to the original novel. The visuals - design and cinematography - are stunning. In many ways, this is the Dune movie I had always hoped for. But it's impossible to determine if it actually succeeds as an adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel until we can see the second half of this saga.

    I tremendously enjoyed this film - it lived up…

  • Fright Before Christmas

    Fright Before Christmas


    Went trolling through HBO-Max collection of Looney Tunes in search of holiday themed cartoons, and this is the only one I found, Taz in Santa garb pays a visit on Bugs, his nephew, and Speedy (who is apparently renting from Bugs?), leading to a typical Bugs-Taz faceoff. The 1979 animation is rudimentary compared to classic-era productions (on par with 1970's-80's Pink Panther shorts), but not without some charm. A few clever jokes and throw back references that I won't spoil…