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  • The Double

    The Double


    For the first 30 minutes, the look and style of the film seemed destined to overwhelm any attempt at narrative. In the end, the story picked up enough to keep things interesting.

    The film had the feel of a vivid dream that makes you feel like you never slept, and then lingers with your well into the morning.

  • Wonderdate



    The inclusion of fantastic Russian songs kicks this up an extra notch.

Popular reviews

  • Important News

    Important News


    I caught this on TCM last night as part of their celebration of their Star of the Month, Mr. James Stewart.

    It was cute. I appreciate the message about being lack of sensationalism and importance of community, but it was soooo cheesy.

    I'm glad I caught it, though. It's a sweet little 10 minutes, and Jimmy was amusing as an exasperated printer with Harry Potter glasses.

  • Royal Wedding

    Royal Wedding


    The story here isn't the tightest, and the movie is the worse for it. There are two separate stories (each of the Bowen siblings' romantic relationships) with two smaller threads of the Bowens putting on a show and the British royal wedding. And these threads don't all jell together as well as they should. The fact that three of the songs are just a part of the Bowens' show and the success of the show is not something we're particularly…